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Shallow Water - Death On The Clyde Book 1

Douglas Ashburner’s start as a Detective Constable in Glasgow’s elite Major Incident Unit is not going well. Then, one quiet Saturday morning, his boss, the acerbic DI Collins, takes it into her head to investigate an assault outside one of Glasgow’s sleazier pubs run by one of the city’s more notorious crime families. When he follows Collins into the pub his problems multiply when he notices the attractive daughter of a dead gangster and worse still she notices him. They both find Cupid’s arrow is sharp and cares nothing for the consequences. Also the shallow waters of the river Clyde hold a grisly secret waiting to be discovered by an innocent jogger and a sequence of events is set in motion that will affect the rest of Ashburner’s career.

A Crack In The Dark - Death On The Clyde Book 2

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DC Douglas Ashburner continues his career in Glasgow’s elite Major Incident Unit and he is given a chance to shine when he is paired with his athletic and mysterious colleague, Tanya, in an undercover operation that starts well. A dead man in the street leads them in a surprising direction. To complicate matters he is assigned a new recruit to the unit, Kerri, and when an arrest turns violent he has to save her. His affair with the raven-haired Shona still threatens to end his career and DI Collins is as acerbic as ever. Finally, events from the past catch up with him.

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Exciting Lives - Death On The Clyde Book 3

DC Douglas Ashburner is recovering from the disastrous end of his undercover operation with Tanya, while Glasgow’s elite Major Incident Unit is sucked into an investigation when Kev, a national footballing treasure, is shot in the street. This could be a failed attempt on his life, or a random act of violence by a psychopath. The enigmatic Tanya gives Douglas a training course and she briefs Police Scotland about an old and dangerous problem lucking in the highlands. To complicate matters a Hollywood star wants a taste of Glasgow policing for her new role and Douglas is selected as her mentor and bodyguard. As the violence escalates Douglas has to use his new skill.

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The Useless Assassion - Death On The Clyde Book 4

Douglas, although he has passed his sergeant’s exam, continues his duties as a Detective Constable in Glasgow’s elite Major Incident Unit. In addition to the problem posed by his fiancée’s mother taking control of his wedding, a Russian émigré, Sergi Volokov, approaches him with a seemingly trivial problem. Events rapidly spiral out of control with ever widening implications and his old colleague Tanya Vidak reappears and is caught up in the web of intrigue.

Exile In Exile - Death On The Clyde Book 5

Douglas Ashburner is seconded to Elgin in the north of Scotland for six months as a sergeant in uniform, far from his home in Glasgow. He lives in a freezing house on the side of a hill with a view across the Moray Fifth to the snow-covered mountains of Sutherland and is waiting for the weekend visit of his fiancée and her mother.  However, the slow life is interrupted when a constable on traffic duty witnesses a car accident that isn’t accidental. Things go badly wrong and suddenly events come thick and fast. Some of the old team are brought together again, and new ones are added, to bring events to a conclusion.

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Douglas Ashburner has little to worry him other than arranging his Stag Weekend until the new Solicitor General orders review of an old miscarriage of justice involving a member of the Doherty clan convicted of a double murder. To complicate matters a new recruit to the MIU has been foisted on him, an old colleague has been assigned to assist him but he doesn’t know the reason why, and his new boss has just transferred from the military police and doesn’t know one end of Glasgow from the other.


The Smother Box - Death On The Clyde Book 6