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Just Another Murder - Death On The Clyde Short Book 1

In this short book (15K Words) Sergeant Douglas Ashburner is leaving Glasgow to take up a post in Elgin, in the north of Scotland, two hundred miles up the infamous A9 – or the road of death as it is sometimes called. Two going-away parties have left him with a hangover and a problem: he has too much alcohol in his blood and he has to wait until he can pass a breathalyser test before he can set off. His fiancée, Susanne, and her mother are carrying most of his gear in the G-wagon and they arranged to meet him at his new home in the afternoon. His journey has only just begun when his problems really start.

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A Journey To The North - Death On The Clyde Short Book 2

In this short book (14K words) Detective Constable Douglas Ashburner is waiting for his secondment to a sergeant’s post in Elgin, in the north of Scotland, two hundred miles away from Glasgow. But DI Collins has other ideas, to prevent him passing his last week in the big city pushing paperwork around his desk. She gives him another murder to keep him occupied. To add to his troubles he also has two new recruits to the Major Incident Unit foisted onto him.
His fiancée also wants him to solve a problem for her friend, the delectable Daphne, before he goes north.

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